About Us

Developer Bloggers is a site that aims to collate a list of developer blogs in one place to make it easy for other developers like you and me to find them.

The intention of this site is to provide a way for bloggers to be found and have their content read and discovered easily. Rather than a content curator and inspired by Scott Hanselman's post - When is it stealing? - we hope we can drive users to you!

Want yours added? Drop us a line on the Contact page.

Below is a list of ideas some for the site we are looking to implement

- Ability to extract an OPML/XML list of bloggers to add to RSS feed readers

- Addition of twitter profiles for bloggers that also tweet

- Form to allow users to add blogs to the list

- User profiles/logins to allow users to mix and match and pick blogs that suit their own liking and export these to an OPML file

- Adding the Microsoft/MVP logos next to blog profiles of Microsoft employees or MVP bloggers

- Add paging

- Allow searching blog list through blogger names, text or post titles

- Add categories to the blogs to allow sorting/filtering by them

- Improved web design/layout

- Open Sourcing the code of the website so you can also contribute to the project and help make the site better

- Dedicated device apps for getting the site's content

- And more...